Are you or your company frustrated by unpaid loans or delinquent accounts? Collecting money that is owed to you can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Of course you want to recover all of the money that is owed to you and so ‘out-sourcing’ your debt collection needs may not be your first thought…

Small Claims Court is never boring. A new case in British Columbia is unique since  the woman suing caused an accident. She is claiming that instead of being drunk, she was texting. The action is against the insurance company who is refusing to insure her. Click here for the full article.

Check out the story about how social media posts can cost you. A British Columbia bride has been ordered to pay more than $100,000 to a wedding photographer for unleashing an online torrent of defamatory comments that eventually destroyed the business.

  Our Client, a well established Calgary cabinet maker was contracted to do custom build high end cabinetry for who he believed was a trustworthy acquaintance in the process of building a 1.5 million dollar custom home. Without even asking for a deposit our Client built and installed $68,000.00 worth of beautiful kitchen cabinets, island,…

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