A Winning Formula

Before we agree to take your case, we will ask to see the evidence you have that documents the debt or damages. Once we’ve evaluated the merits of your case and agree to represent you, we will provide you with our flat rate fee structure and contract. While we can make no guarantees, this formula has contributed to U-SUE’s success and track record of winning court actions for more than 30 years.

We Simplify Small Claims Court

Small Claims Court can be complicated, intimidating and time consuming. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, unfortunately, all to often, we see people who self represent and get far less or even lose their cases due to poor preparation and lack of understanding of what it takes to successfully win at a Trial. U-SUE offers complete case management, we handle each step of the way with professionalism allowing you to focus on other things like your business or family.

Experience Matters

Our experienced agents attend all court appearances with you. U-SUE agents work hard to get you a favourable settlement throughout the process. Should your matter not settle and a trial is scheduled, our team prepares you to testify, organizes your evidence and develops a winning strategy. At trial, we will represent you by presenting evidence and questioning witnesses. Our agents have extensive trial experience to provide you with the best representation.

Real Results

At U-SUE, we fight hard for your Judgment or favorable settlement, but our service to you doesn’t end there. If the debtor doesn’t pay, we help you enforce the Judgment. We do this a number of ways including garnishments, asset seizures or forcing the sale of land if property is owned. No matter the issue, a simple unpaid invoice or a complex construction related matter, U-SUE Small Claims Court Agency has the experience to bring your case to resolution and get you your money faster.

Complimentary Claim Evaluation

Get started today! Share the details of your matter for a free evaluation – there is no charge for this stage of the process.