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Delinquent Accounts?
Unpaid Invoices?

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Our Commercial Debt Recovery Program offers companies an alternative to ineffective collection agencies and high priced lawyers.

We evaluate your claim(s) to ensure they qualify.

Qualifying Cases include:
• Unpaid invoices on durable goods
• Unpaid invoices on services provided and where there is no defense
• NSF Checks • Other matters on a case by case basis

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Better than a collection agency.

Forget the phone calls — you’ve already made them. And sent emails, and maybe even a demand letter. Your debtor knows you want your money. U-SUE utilizes the Small Claims Court System to make your case a priority. We always ask for costs and interest. Our program includes Judgment enforcement – a huge value.

U-SUE Shares the risk.

We manage your case through the court process, and obtain a Settlement or Judgment as quickly as possible. We only charge a low upfront fee to cover our costs and disbursements. We are paid a percentage as we collect on your accounts. If we don’t collect, you don’t pay. 

Expedite the process

U-SUE saves your company time and money. Collection agencies can just waste time and lawyers can be very expensive. With more than 35 years of experience, U-SUE leverages the court system to achieve results faster. You can focus on running your business and making money.  

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What Our Clients Are Saying:


"Our company Mountain Bark Inc. had a challenging account and they were able to resolve the issue without going to court!"


"Very happy with Eric's services. Eric is easy to work with and has the respect of the court officers while delivering his services at an affordable rate. I highly recommend U-SUE!"


"Very pleased with the service we received. Jenice was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful in resolving a payment issue we were having with a customer."


"I was pleased with the outcome as they recovered the full amount owed to me. It surprised me how simple it was as they took care of everything. They communicated clearly the process and timeline and what to possibly expect."

Service Comparison

Typical cost: 25% - 50%

Collection agencies are becoming less and less effective and are not a good fit for the vast majority of disputes.


Online service, utilizing powerful case management software, we do most of our client intake over the internet saving you time and money. Our fees are similar to what a collection agency will charge except we do far more than make a few phone calls – and get superior results.

Retainer to start: $2500 - $5000
Typical hourly rate: $450

Offline process, you must meet in person, can be inconvenient and very costly, resulting in unpredictable legal fees. Generally not the best option for those who wish to sue in Small Claims Court.

The U-SUE Advantage

U-SUE Small Claims Court Agency has over 35 years’ experience in Small Claims Court with exceptional results. We fight hard for businesses to get you, our clients their justice in Court.

Don’t trust anyone else to handle your important money matters and legal problems. Leave it to us to manage your entire case from start to finish – including Judgment Enforcement. We’ll get you results and help recover what is due.

U-SUE Inc. is a Small Claims Court Agency in Calgary and Edmonton handling matters throughout Alberta. We do not bill by the hour; instead we offer fair flat rate fees, making professional representation cost efficient and affordable.

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