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What Our Clients are saying:


The U-Sue crew are legends both in and out of the courtroom. They provide Albertan’s with a wide range of top-tier alternative legal services, affordable access to justice, and superior customer service. They’ve been in the game for over 30 years. Their experience, affordability, and legal rigour is second to none. I recommend their services without reservation.

C. Williamson (Lawyer)


Eric and his team were wonderful to deal with. I was referred to Eric by our corporate lawyer and he did not disappoint. I was impressed at how well known Eric was around the court house and how he conducted himself during each step of our trial. I would not hesitate to recommend USUE and will be using them in the future if the need arises.

J. Henninger


U-Sue are complete professionals. Their knowledge of the legal system and process was second to none. They guided and informed me on all aspects of my case and made my experience a pleasurable one. I highly recommend them.

J. Gillespie


U-SUE is amazing. Jenice, gave us relief to our situation, which allowed for us to sleep at night and live our life without thinking daily about court. She is intelligent, and can pull information out of a situation that you may never have known you had rights too. She is very aware of the law and if she doesn’t
have an answer, she has a team who will have the answer.
Having a lump sum fee system also makes the decision easy to
have legal guidance on your side.

Highly recommended and very professional.

Thank you.

J. O’Connell


 I was very upset when things went south with my contractor and I contacted Jenice. U-Sue took my case immediately and the defendant was served within a week. Jenice answered all my questions and I had a lot. U-sue was there every step of the way from assembling information for the case, through mediation, pre-trial and collecting the settlement. I don’t know what I would have done with out them, Jenice and the team did a fantastic job for me. I highly recommend them.


D. Peake


“Typically I don’t give public reviews but I think what I have to say might add value to someone who might be in a position to use some legal representation but don’t want to have to break the bank. I had a commercial issue dealing with that I almost cut my losses on because I didn’t want to end up spending more money on legal fees than the opportunity is worth. I contacted U-SUE and I couldn’t ask for better representation. Now I won’t tell you not to pay over $400 per hour for legal representation. That’s your decision to make, and by now you should know that I am not a lawyer so this is not legal advise. What I can honestly say though is that U-SUE came through for me and my issue in a big way, and I am grateful for that. Here is the kicker, I have spent way more money on legal fees with similar issues, and had way less favourable results. These guys / girls are the real deal… I hope you find this helpful…”

O. Davis


Within a day of our first conversation they let me know if it is was worth pursuing or not. I was pleased with the outcome as they recovered the full amount owed to me. It surprised me how simple it was as they took care of everything. They communicated clearly the process and timeline and what to possibly expect. Will be my first call should i have this happen again.

J. Parke


U-SUE came highly recommended from someone who had great success with their claim using U-Sue. Eric was great with initial phone consultation and advice – very impressed! Would feel very confident hiring U-Sue for any small claims against non-paying clients!



Thank you for taking time to
communicate with me throughout the process. Very friendly and patient, good
customer service. Sent me the information very quickly and was very efficient.
Continued to support and answer any questions I had. Highly recommend going to
them for help with anything.

E. Chan


I hired this company to assist in retrieving several thousand dollars back from someone I lent it to. This person refused to pay me back and I was SO upset ! So U-Sue took care of it from start to finish. The courts and documents and filing was way too overwhelming for me so I hired them. They did everything required for a small claims filing and even got the person served out of town. I won the judgment but the next step was collecting! U-Sue also took care of all that and provided me with viable options of which a garnished bank account was put in place (they also took care of all that). They then were in contact with this person and because of their calmness and professionalism the person decided to pay back the money!  I was thrilled and all this happened in under three months!

I know I would NEVER have gotten the money back if it wasn’t for U-SUE. It was well worth their fee and it was a relief knowing someone else was on top it and knew what they were doing.

I highly recommend this company. It’s horrible when you loan someone money and don’t get paid back. It was affecting my life and my sleep I was so upset but now I can breathe again! Big lesson learned – don’t loan anyone money and if you do and don’t get paid back, then hire U-SUE!



We had met Eric from U-SUE by coincidence at the court house while filing a claim against a company. Eric overheard our situation and found that he too was making a claim on the same company. Without hesitation he asked if he could help us with our paperwork and served that company for us along with his other client. Being a small business in this or any economy is sometimes difficult in Alberta, it’s hard to find such helpful and devoted people to just lend a hand by taking care of the claim and letting us continue to run our business.
Eric and his team at U-SUE helped with all aspects of the case without any hesitation to our situation. They kept us informed and did all of the filing and paperwork on our behalf. Not only did U-SUE win us our judgment in that case, Eric and his team won another for us.
I highly recommend U-SUE for all your small claims, very professional, great service and in a timely manner.

Foothills Construction Ltd.



Great service and positive results. It’s been a pleasure to deal with Jenice Schneider. Hopefully not, but if needed I will definitely use their services again.

J. Liu


I was very impressed with U-Sue, specifically Jenice. She handled herself and my legal issues very professionally. Not only that, but she went above and beyond for me and put me at ease while also showing a refreshing understanding of the human element and principles involved in legal issues. I personally wouldn’t even consider going with anyone else and I highly recommend Jenice and U-Sue to anyone that needs legal services.

R. Cummins


Unless you are current with court procedures, I could not have been successful at obtaining a judgement, to which they settled and was payed in full the same day. I am totally confident in the
work that Eric & staff have accomplished . Thank You for a job well done.

J. Cadrin


When it came time to seek legal recourse, U Sue went to bat for my business. They handled our court matters from start to finish. I’m happy to state we won our case and didn’t even have
to face Trial. I would highly recommend U-Sue to anyone in need of legal representation in unpaid invoices. Great job Team.

S. Semark


Superior results, that’s what we all want and if you hire Jenice she will deliver. I don’t need to add to already numerous accolades regarding her professionalism, hard work ethic and sincerity. Getting the best possible result requires exceptional negotiation skills. A good negotiator knows the principles involved in legal issues. A high performing negotiator will thoroughly assess your situation and understands the needs of the opposite party before making any decisions. Simply put, superior knowledge gives greater leverage and Jenice knows WHEN and HOW to apply that to formulate a STRATEGY that will give the best favorable outcome for you. All coupled with a high regard for ethics, professionalism and her reputation. She is sincere and truly cares about helping people and it really shows.

Having Jenice on your side is the best thing you can do.



Could not have been any better. Costs were disclosed upfront. U-sue’s Jenice warned me about possible delays resolving my case, up to 2 years if the case went to court etc. They only take cases which in their view will prevail in court.
I was fortunate, my debtor didn’t show up in court, I got default judgement, He was garnished & I got paid within 2 months.
I was informed of every stage. I highly recommend them for small claims.
Thank you.

O. Chikonyora


I called U-SUE Inc on June 14th. I was greeted by a friendly and professional agent. It was impossible for me to communicate in any positive way with the defendant.

Jenice instructed about the process of filing a claim against someone and told me about possible timelines and possible outcomes of filing a lawsuit. It sounded very time consuming and a bit daunting..

But my agent did a fantastic job communicating with the other fellow and got the job done in just a few days and I received an excellent outcome.

I would refer my family or any one to call U-SUE Inc for help in these types of legal affairs.

Thank you Jenice for a job well done.

J. West


I found U-SUE to be very supportive and essential for the success of my civil suit. Their flat fee was considerably less than what I would have had to pay a lawyer, who would have insisted on charging me for work that I could perform myself. U-SUE allowed me to actively participate by researching and organizing evidence and developing arguments to defend my claim. U-SUE were very knowledgeable about the legal process and helped me navigate the complexities of civil litigation.

I highly recommend U-SUE to people who do not want to pay exorbitant legal fees and who are willing to actively participate in the civil litigation process.

S. Lambertus



 As always, great communication and
excellent result! Solid group to work with, continuing over 10+ year
relationship. Keep up the great work!

K. Moran



This company is amazing. They work
so hard to make for your goal . You can seat with ease and know that you are finally in good hands. I would definitely recommend them!

P. Eskandari


Such a great experience. Everyone on the team is super helpful, knowledgeable and professional! Can’t say enough good things about them. The fees were very reasonable. Thanks for helping us out.

A. Sexton


I received amazing service and with the desired result! I was very happy with their communication and their assistance, and I would absolutely recommend and hire U-SUE again if required!

Joey D.


Working with Jenice was the best thing I could have done. She handled everything for my small claims case, and always kept me in the loop every step of the way. The flat rate was very reasonable, and totally worth it. I would highly recommend using U-SUE if your put in a situation of going through small claims court.


B. Reum



A few years after our new house was built to replace the one we lost in the Slave Lake fire of 2011. We started to have sewer back up issues only to find that our builder, sub contracted the
sewer line tie in to a company that did not follow building code, resulting in the plugged line. When the problem was uncovered by the town it became my expense to repair. Looking into how we could get our money back we discovered U-sue. The company took all the information we had compiled and took the case to court, we didn’t have to do anything after that but cash the check for the
total cost of replacing the line. We want to thank U-sue and Peter for the friendly and efficient work they did on our behalf. Definitely would recommend
this company to others.

S. Hughes



 Jenice is amazing.

She was extremely detail orientated through the entire process and consistently had great advice. Jenice always answered or returned my calls quickly no matter the time.

Thank you for making a stressful situation easy.

J. House



This company was very professional and easy to deal with. They dealt with my matters in a quick and timely manner. There were a couple of small hiccups in between, but Peter Hoven was there to the rescue.

V. Chan


Very pleased with the service we received. Jenice was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful in resolving a payment issue we were having with a customer.

K. O’Leary


The staff were very professional and knowledgeable. With their help we had a favourable outcome with a complex case.

Disciple Homes



Everyone on the team was extremely
competent, responsive and helpful. Thank you for handling my case and for the favorable outcome!

B. Sillito



Peter and Eric were a pleasure to work with from day 1. They are an exception in the world of legal advisors – honest, down to Earth and comical at times. Through a long and extremely stressful process, they were helpful and reassuring every time I had a question or concern. Thanks for being the only enjoyable part of my lawsuit, and helping bring it to a favourable end for me. Highly recommended.


A. Johnstone

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U-SUE Inc. is a Small Claims Court Agency in Calgary and Edmonton handling matters throughout Alberta. We do not bill by the hour, instead we offer fair flat rate fees, making professional representation cost efficient and affordable.

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