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COVID 19 Update

The COVID 19 pandemic has had a large impact on courts throughout Alberta. We have continued to file claims and work toward resolution of the matters where possible.  Unfortunately, the Courts have been closed to in-person appearances since March 2020 so there have been delays in some matters. For mor… Read More »COVID 19 Update

Suing for loss in value

We are often  contacted after an auto accident to sue for the perceived loss of value in a vehicle after being repaired.  Everyone believes that a vehicle with a large repair on it’s record is worth less but one of the challenges is proving the “how much” less. Here are… Read More »Suing for loss in value

Police can’t be sued in Small Claims Court

In Alberta, the police cannot be sued in Small Claims Court. This makes it much more difficult to bring an action against the police. Check out this article from the Edmonton Journal for more information.