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Providing Builders' Lien Registration Services Throughout Alberta.

Do you need to file a Builders' Lien?

Call us for more information, or if you prefer, fill out our evaluation form for a complimentary review of your matter. Please be detailed, include a summary of your story with dates and the amount of money that you believe you are owed. 

You may have another option for claims $50,000 and less.

Did you know Builders’ Liens are not always effective? There are several situations where a Builders’ Lien may not make sense and could end up wasting time and costing more money than it should. Often, taking action in Provincial Civil Court (Small Claims Court) instead is faster and far more cost effective.Talk to one of our agents to determine the best course of action for you. 

Queen's Bench Actions are Expensive.

For a Builders’ Lien to remain on title – within 180 days of filing the lien, you will need initiate a lawsuit in Court of Queen’s Bench. If you are a company, this means you must hire a Lawyer to represent you. Lawyers bill by the hour and this could cost you thousands! If you fail to do so, the the lien becomes invalid. We can save you money by initiating action in Small Claims Court instead.

You Could Lose Control.

If you have filed a Builders’ Lien, at any time, you can be served with a Notice to Commence Action and you’ll have 30 days to initiate a lawsuit in Court of Queen’s Bench through a Lawyer. If you don’t file a lawsuit, an application can be made to have the lien discharged and costs awarded against you. These costs can be as high as $4,000.

It May Not be Worth the Time and Cost:

The other party may simply pay the money into Court of Queen’s Bench and have the lien discharged. The money remains with the court until conclusion of the Court of Queen’s Bench action which could take up to several years AND CAN GET VERY EXPENSIVE.

The U-SUE Advantage

If a Builders' Lien is not the right fit:

You can hire U-SUE as your agent to initiate court action on your behalf in Small Claims Court immediately!  Once the debtor (Defendant) has been served the claim they have just 20 days to either settle the matter or file a Dispute Note. 

If neither occurs by the deadline date an application can be made by U-SUE to enter Judgment for the debt amount, interest and costs. Steps can then be taken to proceed with Judgment Enforcement – garnishee bank accounts, wages, receivables or a Bailiff can be hired to locate and seize assets for auction sale. If the Defendant files a Dispute Note, U-SUE attends with you at all of the court appearances (Mediation, Pretrial Conference and Trial) and manages the action for you.

Because we are leveraging the Small Claims Court process, we are often able to get you more of your money, faster.

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Understanding The Process

Court cases are dynamic and can be at times unpredictable. With U-SUE, you can have peace of mind that your best interests will be represented and you’ll always have a complete understanding of your case each step of the way. Starting at the intake process where we carefully review your evidence to Mediation, Pre-Trial conference and then on to Trial, U-SUE liaises with the court regarding your matter, then prepares and supports you for each court appearance. 

Less than 5% of U-SUE’s cases go to Trial, this is because we work hard to achieve favourable settlements for our clients. 

Our average fee is often less than what you would pay a lawyer for their retainer!

What our clients are saying:


"Our company Mountain Bark Inc. had a challenging account and they were able to resolve the issue without going to court!"


"Very happy with Eric's services. Eric is easy to work with and has the respect of the court officers while delivering his services at an affordable rate. I highly recommend U-SUE!"


"Very pleased with the service we received. Jenice was professional, knowledgeable and very helpful in resolving a payment issue we were having with a customer."


"I was pleased with the outcome as they recovered the full amount owed to me. It surprised me how simple it was as they took care of everything. They communicated clearly the process and timeline and what to possibly expect."

U-SUE Inc. is a Small Claims Court Agency in Calgary and Edmonton handling matters throughout Alberta. We do not bill by the hour, instead we offer fair flat rate fees, making professional representation cost efficient and affordable.

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