U-SUE Court Agents are an excellent alternative to using a Lawyer or a Collection Agency. U-SUE is bonded, carries liability insurance and operates a Trust account. We offer affordable flat rate fees and we specialize in Small Claims Court Cases – it is all we do.

We’re not Lawyers so we don’t bill like Lawyers do
We do not charge by the hour. U-SUE charges a one-time all-inclusive fee to handle your claim until we have a court ordered judgment or you agree to a settlement. You receive professional, experienced representation and will know exactly what it will cost you – unlike using a lawyer who bills by the hour where you will have no idea what it will end up costing.
We save you time and money
Our all-inclusive fee includes research, legal advice (through our lawyer), preparation, filing and serving the claim. We pay all court fees, disbursements and attend all court appearances including Mediation, Pre-Trial, Trial, Chambers, Orders, Applications, Assessment Hearings and in some cases Judgement Enforcement. In most cases we are able to recover majority, if not all, of the fees and costs.
We specialize in Small Claims Court
We have more than 30 years of experience in Small Claims Court with real results. Demand letters and Collection Agencies often get little or no results and don’t allow you to recoup costs or interest. We have a winning record because we only take on cases that we feel will have a successful outcome.
Not being represented properly can cost you
Not knowing the law is not an excuse and a poorly drafted claim or defense can mean the difference between winning or losing your case. We can often get our clients more money than if they self represent because of our knowledge and experience in Small Claims Court matters. Small Claims Court can be complicated and time consuming – we’re with you every step of the way.

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