Our Fees

Small Claim Court Actions

U-SUE charges a one-time all-inclusive fee to handle your claim until we have a court ordered judgment or you agree to a settlement. We do NOT charge by the hour for all the time spent on your case.

Our fee includes writing, filing and serving the claim. We pay all court fees. We will attend all court appearances with you. We will keep you updated on the status of your action at all times. We will file any applications necessary and register any judgment at the Court.

We will attempt to recover our fees and costs. This can be done either as a negotiated settlement or as awarded by the Court. We almost always recover some costs. In many cases, we can recover our full fee. 

Fill out our Complimentary Claim Evaluation. We will give you our opinion of your claim and a fee quote.

Judgment Enforcement

Once Judgment has been awarded in your favor, the losing party is required to pay the amount owing. If they do not pay it voluntarily, U-SUE can proceed with Judgment Enforcement by way of garnishment of wages (only if awarded against an individual), bank accounts and/or receivables.
If garnishment of bank or employment is not possible (when it can't be determined where working or banking) or unsuccessful the matter can be referred to a skip tracer we use to attempt to verify bank or employment. The alternative is to have the matter referred to a Bailiff - Civil Enforcement Agency that we have worked with over many years who may be able to locate and seize assets for auction sale.


We accept cash, check, e-transfer, Visa and MasterCard.