Judgment Enforcement

I have been awarded a judgment. How do I collect my money?

Winning a judgment is an important step but the other party may still refuse to pay the funds owing. Fortunately, having a judgment against the other party opens up additional legal options to force a payment. This is called Judgment Enforcement.

U-SUE can provide Judgment Enforcement services to help you recover the money owed. We have experience in the various methods that can be initiated to accomplish this goal.

Judgment Enforcement options that are available to you are:

  • Search for property owned by the Defendant and Register the judgment against the land title.
  • Garnish bank accounts
  • Garnish wages
  • Garnish receivables owing to the Defendant
  • Hire a bailiff and seize other assets

U-SUE has years of experience in enforcing judgments in Alberta. We will use our experience to get the judgment satisfied.

What options are there for getting my money?

Call us at 403-216-0036 to discuss your Enforcement Options.

Awarded Judgments are good for 10 years and can be renewed for an additional 10 years.

How long are judgments active?

Before Judgment Enforcement can begin, the Writ of Enforcement need to be filed at both Queen's Bench and the Registry.

Registering the Writ adds it to the Personal Property Registry. This enables us to see what other judgments might be active with this defendant. It also has the benefit of making it available to others who might get a judgment against the same Defendant. 

If your judgment is not fully satisfied, having it registered means it may be collected by the courts if another party also gets a judgment against the same Defendant.

Writs are effective for 2 years and then can be renewed ever 2 years.

Why do Writs need to be filed with at Queen's bench and with a registry agent?

To Garnish a bank account, you only need the bank name and branch location.

Do I need to know the defendant's bank account information?

U-SUE can help you enforce a judgment that has already been handed down by the courts.

We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the options available as well as the likelihood of success for the different options.

I won my own judgment. Can U-SUE help me to enforce the judgment?