I have been awarded a judgment. How do I collect my money?

Winning a judgment is an important step but the other party may still refuse to pay the funds owing. Fortunately, having a judgment against the other party opens up additional legal options to force a payment. This is called Judgment Enforcement.

U-SUE can provide Judgment Enforcement services to help you recover the money owed. We have experience in the various methods that can be initiated to accomplish this goal. Awarded Judgments are good for 10 years and can be renewed for an additional 10 years.

Ways of Collecting a Judgment

There are a number of ways to enforce or collect on a Judgment when a debtor refuses or is unable to pay what is owed.

Negotiate a Payment Plan

U-SUE can assist you in negotiating a payment plan when the debtor may not be able to satisfy the entire Judgment all at once.


This is the process where we would force payment by garnishing wages or the debtors bank account.


If the debtor owns property, we can engage in the services of a Bailiff who will initiate foreclosure proceedings on the home. This can be a very effective method of Judgment collection.

Property Seizure

Assets of the debtor can be seized and sold to satisfy the Judgment.

Tell us about your Judgement

We will evaluate your matter and get back to you with our recommendation. There is no charge for this part of the process.