Did you hear the one about the Monkey selfie?

One of the most interesting cases in the past few years is the battle over the copyright on a picture taken by a monkey.

The shutter of the camera was triggered by the monkey so under US law, the monkey should have the copyright. Of course, the owner of the camera has possession of the photograph and included it in a book of wildlife images. 

PETA sued the camera owner for copyright infringement and the case was recently before the US Court of Appeals.

The case didn't go very well for the monkey. Read more below.




Source: https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/07/12/m...

Following the News on Matchmakers Scam

CBC has been investigating complaints by individuals against Edmonton Matchmakers which has resulted in a Service Alberta investigation. They have published a number of articles and an interview with the Minister of Service Alberta.

Edmonton woman sues dating service after paying thousands of dollars for a single date

'He was partially toothless': Edmonton woman raises alarm over matchmaking service

Service Alberta investigating complaints against Edmonton matchmaking company

Interview with Minister Stephanie McLean

U-SUE has filed 2 actions already and we interested in hearing from any other individuals who haven't received the services they paid for.


Alberta Matchmakers Lawsuit


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Okotoks, May 11, 2017

U-SUE is a small claims court agency who has recently filed claims on behalf of people to recover back paid ‘membership fees’ from dating websites known as Canada Introductions Inc, Edmonton Matchmakers, AB Singles, Ltd, and Alberta Matchmakers or “Matchmakers.”

According to their many websites, Matchmakers claim their success comes from “making sure matches are compatible with each other before finding out if you have chemistry.”

Despite the claims on their websites it is alleged that after members sign an agreement, Matchmakers has breached their contract by not providing them compatible ‘matches’ or in some cases no 'matches’ at all.

“After being given the impression by the salesperson that there were a lot of well-suited men that I could be matched with, I signed the contract,” says B.S. (a former member of Matchmakers who does not wish to be publicly identified at this time). “However, this was not the case and I was not given a single match at all within the time frame they had promised.”

For those who feel scammed or dissatisfied by the services (or lack of) by any of the above noted "Matchmakers" or any other Matchmaking or dating websites and wish for the return of membership fees paid, they should contact our office immediately by calling 403-264-1366 or filling out our Claim Evaluation Form.

U-SUE Agents have more than 30 years of experience with small claims matters.  U-SUE offers their services throughout Alberta.


U-SUE Suing Matchmaking Service

From the CBC:

A 67-year-old Edmonton woman is suing a matchmaking service after she spent thousands of dollars more than two years ago but only went on a single date.

"I know I'm not Nancy Sinatra but there must be someone out there who would have coffee with me," said Margaret Clark in an interview with Edmonton AM.

According to the lawsuit, Clark paid $10,494.75 in December 2014 for a membership with Edmonton Matchmakers at their office in Old Strathcona.


How can I save text messages from my phone for evidence at trial?

As text message usage has increased, it has become increasingly important for our clients to have a way to save text messages. In many claims, the communications between the parties via text message is an important piece of evidence that can be used at trial.

Screenshots are one way to save this information but they are unwieldy when there are many pages. We often have hundreds of messages between the parties that might be used in trial and  that will translate into a huge stack of pictures of this communication.

The other difficulty with text messages, is that if your phone is lost or stops working, it might be impossible to recover this critical piece of evidence.

If you find yourself needing a way to backup your text messages for a potential claim, here is a great article that explains the process that can be used depending on whether you have an iPhone or an Android phone.

Documenting Text Messages