Bad Debts

How can U-SUE help me recover a bad debt

U-SUE can help you have your debts paid by filing an action in Small Claims Court. We can force the debtor to deal with their obligation or risk having a judgement entered against them.

We can file an action for many reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Unpaid Invoices
  • NSF Cheques
  • Delinquent Accounts
  • Contract Disputes
  • Unpaid Wages
  • Unpaid Rent
Call us at 403-216-0036 to review your claim.

Call us at 403-216-0036 to review your claim.

Why not use a collection agency?

Collection agencies typically take a percentage of the debt as payment for their services. So when you use a collection agency, you are guaranteed to receive less than the outstanding debt. With Small Claims Court, we are often able to recover our fee on top of the debt you are owed. 

Collection agencies are also limited to using tactics that are not different than what you can do yourself. They can write letters, email and phone to try to voluntarily get payment.

Actions in Small Claims Court usually result in either a settlement or judgement. In the case of a settlement, the debtor usually pays quickly. We will also ensure that if they don't comply with the payment terms, we can get a court order to enforce them. 

Once you have a court ordered judgement, you have a number of additional ways to make sure the debt is paid. We can arrange to garnish wages or bank accounts or hire a bailiff to seize property.