Are you or your company frustrated by unpaid loans or delinquent accounts?

Collecting money that is owed to you can be a time consuming and frustrating experience. Of course you want to recover all of the money that is owed to you and so ‘out-sourcing’ your debt collection needs may not be your first thought – you’re not alone. In house debt collection is common and is often the first attempt to recover unpaid accounts, most likely you or someone in A/R will call, email or send letters to the delinquent client. Collections and Court Action may even be mentioned as a consequence, but more often than not, these attempts to collect outstanding accounts just waste time and your companies’ resources only to be ignored or given promise after promise to pay by the debtor.  

Collection Agencies

Turning your files over to a Collection Agency is another option and is often the next step in a company’s debt collection process. Collection agencies will typically work on contingency, only being paid if they are able to collect money. The benefit to this method is sometimes this is all it will take for a debtor to pay. However, debtors are becoming more and more savvy and collection agencies are becoming less and less effective as debtors know that there is very little consequence to ignoring demand for payment. In the end, this process can end up wasting even more time. Collection agencies can take up to as much as 50% of what they can collect from the debtor and these costs and interest are often not recoverable at this ‘demand’ stage.   The longer a debt is owed, the more difficult it can be to collect as the debtor’s circumstances can change and you may even be at risk of not meeting the statute of limitations which is only 2 years!

Small Claims Court Agents

One of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions is to utilize a Court Agent to sue in Small Claims Court! In Alberta, you can sue for up to $50,000 (but one can abandon the difference as it may be to costly to proceed in Court of Queens Bench). Agents are a cost-effective alternative to Lawyers and provide professional representation throughout the court process. They can evaluate your matter and utilize the Small Claims Court process to your advantage, often getting your money (and more of it!) without even having to go to trial.

U-SUE Small Claims Court Agency is Alberta’s most experienced Agency having been in business for more than 30 years and servicing all of Alberta.  We offer complete case management for all of your debt collection needs, which means we handle every aspect of your matter from start until finish. Lawyers bill by the hour – where you will have no idea what it will end up costing you. Instead, we offer our clients an affordable flat rate fee structure inclusive of all costs and services regarding your case until a settlement or Judgment is reached and most times includes Judgment Enforcement as well. By going to Small Claims Court, we can ask for costs and interest and are often able to get back some or all the costs our clients pay to us so it can end up costing you nothing or very little!  Contact us today at 403-264-1366 or click here for a complimentary claim evaluation.


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