FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Okotoks, May 11, 2017

U-SUE is a small claims court agency who has recently filed claims on behalf of people to recover back paid ‘membership fees’ from dating websites known as Canada Introductions Inc, Edmonton Matchmakers, AB Singles, Ltd, and Alberta Matchmakers or “Matchmakers.”

According to their many websites, Matchmakers claim their success comes from “making sure matches are compatible with each other before finding out if you have chemistry.”

Despite the claims on their websites it is alleged that after members sign an agreement, Matchmakers has breached their contract by not providing them compatible ‘matches’ or in some cases no ‘matches’ at all.

“After being given the impression by the salesperson that there were a lot of well-suited men that I could be matched with, I signed the contract,” says B.S. (a former member of Matchmakers who does not wish to be publicly identified at this time). “However, this was not the case and I was not given a single match at all within the time frame they had promised.”

For those who feel scammed or dissatisfied by the services (or lack of) by any of the above noted “Matchmakers” or any other Matchmaking or dating websites and wish for the return of membership fees paid, they should contact our office immediately by calling 403-264-1366 or filling out our Claim Evaluation Form.

U-SUE Agents have more than 30 years of experience with small claims matters.  U-SUE offers their services throughout Alberta.

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